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CEDECA CEARÁ calls for support of food raising campaigns against the new Corona Virus

We need your help to support communities impacted by Covid-19. Fortaleza is a very populated city in Brazil and one of the most impacted locations.

The not-for profit organization CEDECA Ceará has been working in three vulnerable territories in Fortaleza, Brazil: Bom Jardim, Jangurussu/Ancuri and Pirambu. In each of these communities, we promote art and-education activities and raise policy awareness in partnership with groups of teenagers, children and local organizations.

Groups of youth and social movements in those peripheral and impoverished communities in Fortaleza have mobilized initiatives and campaigns for collecting donations of food packages and hygiene kits, as a way to prevent the covid-19 outbreak in vulnerable areas and to support families in need that are struggling with the new corona virus pandemic. The CEDECA Ceará has engaged itself to those actions through opening its website and fundraise knowhow to facilitate the fundraising for those communities.

Who will receive the donations?

All the donations will go to initiatives, groups recognized by CEDECA Ceará for their organization, contribution, and engagement in distribution the help (food packages and hygiene kits) to those three in need communities. In the end of this process, CEDECA Ceará will publicize the amount and the location of all the distribution.

What CEDECA Ceará defends to combat the new corona virus?

Alongside with the donation activities, CEDECA Ceará claims for the revocation of the limits and expenditure amendment, the immediate payment of the basic income for those in most need, that obs are protected and guaranteed, support from the state tin order to enable families to practice social distancing and self-isolation according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, and specific measures to protect the most vulnerable population, especially children and teenagers homeless, in institutions such as youth correction centers.

Your donation is important. Click in the PayPal bottom and proceed:

Quero Doar

Any amount will help to provide families with food and hygienic products.

When you donate please have in mind:

US$5  = BRL 27.29
US$10 = BRL 54.59
US$15  = BRL 81.88
US$ 20 = BRL 109.17

Our campaing on Brazilian media:

Translation by Sharon Dias



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